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Touring the Bay Area's Green Day landmarks

Fans from around the world have been making the Green Day pilgrimage to the Bay Area for many years. Their roots are everywhere, in sites so ordinary and irrelevant to everyone els [...] Read story

Watch a VHS Billie Joe sent to a fan 23 years ago in response to her fan mail

A fan's husband has shared a VHS Billie Joe sent to her in 1996. Despite hanging up on him twice when he tried to call, she received the tape in response to her persistent fan lett [...] Read story

Winner of our Green Day Ornament Contest

Congratulations to Berber for winning our 2017 Green Day Christmas Ornament contest with their awesome 'Blue' ornament. Be sure to check out all the entries from this year and p [...] Read story

GDA's RevRad Era Recap Zine - Final call for submissions

Hey fans! By now, you have most likely heard about our upcoming RevRad Era Recap Zine, which will be taking a look back at the first year and a half of the Revolution Radio era. [...] Read story

Send in your favourite tour memories for the chance to feature in our upcoming zine

By now, you may well have heard about our upcoming RevRad Era Recap Zine, which will be taking a look back at the first year and a half of the Revolution Radio era. We've been wor [...] Read story

GDA's RevRad Era Recap Zine - Send in your favorite memories to be included

Hey fans! Have you been to a show during this past Revolution Radio tour? We would like to hear about it. We’ve started work on our GDA zine, Letterbomb Vol. 2 (here is the first [...] Read story

Wallpaper contest winner - Maria Gloria

Over the last week we have been asking visitors to put their design skills to the test and submit their best Green Day related wallpaper for a chance to win a shirt of their choice [...] Read story

Participate in our Green Day wallpaper contest and win yourself a t-shirt!

Designers, we need your help once again. We are looking for some new wallpapers to add to GDA's Wallpaper section so naturally we're having another contest. What's in it for you? A [...] Read story

Fans combine to help Spotify create the ultimate "Basket Case" cover

Recently, Spotify asked Green Day fans to submit their covers of "Basket Case" to help them with 'something awesome'. They've now released a video combining these covers into one [...] Read story

Help Spotify create the ultimate "Basket Case" cover

Looking for something to do on this lovely Sunday? Spotify is asking you, the biggest Green Day fan, to submit your cover of "Basket Case" for their awesome project. To subm [...] Read story

YouTuber Mason Dayot covers 'Holiday', 'Forever Now', and more

Green Day fan and YouTuber Mason Dayot has had some pretty great Green Day covers recently and we think you guys should check them out. Holiday (with a nice Say Goodbye medley) [...] Read story

Green Day Collection up for auction on eBay

Green Day fan 'awkiscool' is selling their entire Green Day collection on eBay. There's about 24 hours left on most items, so check them out today. Here are a few of the items b [...] Read story

Oh Love Pop Punk Remix

YouTuber rakugakicho has remixed "Oh Love" in a more "pop-punk" style. Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think about this version compared to the original. [...] Read story

"Bouncing Off The Wall" Looney Tunes music video

Thanks to [@Bastard_Of_1967] for sending this over on Twitter. [...] Read story

Send in your Green Day concert photos

If you're going to see Green Day in concert this year (or have recently), we'd love for you to send in your photos so we can post them up in our photos section and tour sections to [...] Read story

Green Day Fan Art

We came across these Green Day drawings on Instagram and thought they look awesome enough that we had to share them. All drawn by Alex Confesor Benítez. If you're an artist tag us [...] Read story