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Idiot Nation promotes membership renewals with cool 'Demolicious'-branded shirt

Idiot Nation, Green Day's official fan club, has began informing its users of a new renewal package. For the past few years, the club has included a free exclusive t-shirt with [...] Read story

'Demolicious' to be released in Japan September 10th

Green Day fans in Japan are finally getting an official release of Demolicious. The album will be released by Warner Music Japan on September 10th. The album was originally release [...] Read story

Vote for your favorite song from 'Demolicious'

To mark the online release of Green Day's Demolicious, we've created a poll to see which song on the album you guys like most. Vote below. [...] Read story

'Demolicious' now available from digital retailers and streaming services

Today marks the worldwide digital release of Green Day's Demolicious, a compilation album of ¡UNO! ¡DOS¡ TRÉ! demos. The album features 18 demo tracks from the band's ¡UNO! [...] Read story

'Demolicious' available for pre-order on iTunes

Demolicious, Green Day's trilogy demos compilation, is now available for pre-order in the US iTunes Store. The pre-order availability comes after the announcement that the album [...] Read story

'Demolicious' best-selling Record Store Day album; digital release May 19

Billboard has released a recap of Record Store Day 2014, reporting on various sales metrics and the popularity of vinyl. According to Nielsen SoundScan numbers in Billboard's re [...] Read story

Idiot Nation giving away copies of 'Demolicious' CD

After Record Store Day this past Saturday, Green Day's Demolicious has been difficult to get a hold of as many stores are sold out or people are selling copies online for ridiculou [...] Read story

Static Noise Podcast 94: 'Demolicious' is out today

In this week's episode, we talk all about Green Day's Record Store Day release, Demolicious. We discuss our opinions on the album, comparisons to the trilogy versions, and our thou [...] Read story

GDA Review: 'Demolicious' is the raw Green Day sound we love

Today marks the international release of Green Day's latest project, Demolicious, an album of demos stemming from the trilogy they started working on more than two years ago. As a [...] Read story

Green Day's 'Demolicious' out today for Record Store Day

Green Day's ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRÉ! demos album, Demolicious, is out today, exclusively for Record Store Day 2014. The album features 18 tracks, including two previously unrelease [...] Read story

Artist of 'Demolicious' cover talks about his experience drawing the artwork

Tom Neely, the comic book artist who drew the cover for Demolicious, recently posted on his website a blog entry about his experience designing and drawing the artwork for the upco [...] Read story

Listen to "State of Shock" from 'Demolicious'

Here is Green Day's previously unreleased track "State of Shock" off Demolicious, out this coming Saturday, April 19th. We have added the lyrics for the track to our music sec [...] Read story

1-2-3-4 Go! Records giving away test pressing of 'Demolicious'

1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland, California has announced via their Facebook page that they will be receiving a test pressing of the upcoming Demolicious vinyl directly from Warner. [...] Read story

Various Amazon stores now listing Demolicious

A variety of Amazon online stores are starting to list Green Day's upcoming trilogy demos compilation, Demolicious. While it has only been announced as a Record Store Day exclus [...] Read story

Poll: How will you purchase Demolicious?

With the release of Demolicious, Green Day's trilogy demos compilation, coming on Record Store Day (April 19th), we want to know what medium you all will be purchasing the album on [...] Read story

Demolicious vinyl limited to 2,400 pressings

The official list of Record Store Day 2014 releases has been made public, and, as previously announced, a new Green Day album titled Demolicious will be released. With the offic [...] Read story