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Idiot Nation giving away five promo copies of ¡CUATRO! on DVD

Idiot Nation has announced a cool new giveaway available to its members. The official fan club is giving away five promotional DVD copies of ¡CUATRO!, Green Day's documentary on t [...] Read story

'Bullet in a Bible' and '¡Cuatro!' available to stream for free from Crackle

Crackle, the popular online video streaming service, has added several new rock music documentaries and concert films to its library in a new "All You Need is Rock" playlist. Gr [...] Read story

Hulu now streaming Green Day's ¡CUATRO! for free

Hulu, the popular on-demand TV show and movie streaming service, is now streaming Green Day's trilogy documentary ¡CUATRO! for free. ¡CUATRO! was released to the general publi [...] Read story

¡CUATRO! and Rob Cavallo nominated for Grammy Awards

¡Cuatro! the making of the trilogy documentary has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Music Film. The production, directed by Tim Wheeler and produced by Tim Lynch, chronicled t [...] Read story

Watch Cuatro free on

For anyone who hasn't had the chance to watch Green Day's Trilogy documentary Cuatro, Sony's website is streaming the movie for free. Just head over to their website [...] Read story

Green Day's making of documentary, ¡CUATRO!, is officially released today

On the eve of the one year anniversary of ¡UNO!, Green Day has released the final installment for the "Trilogy era," their making of DVD ¡CUATRO!. ¡CUATRO! documents the Gree [...] Read story

Rolling Stone releases a third teaser from ¡CUATRO! out September 24th

Rolling Stone has released a third teaser video for Green Day's "making of" documentary ¡CUATRO! which will released next Tuesday, September 24th. In this preview we see Billie [...] Read story

Green Day posts another teaser video from ¡CUATRO!

Green Day's official YouTube channel has just uploaded a second teaser video from the band's upcoming DVD release ¡CUATRO!. According to a press release from earlier this wee [...] Read story

Green Day officially announces the release of ¡CUATRO!

To officially confirm what we posted last month, Green Day has announced the DVD release of ¡CUATRO! for September 24th in the US. According to the press release, the DVD will [...] Read story

¡TRÉ! + ¡CUATRO! bundle available in the US early September

Are you in the US and have been itching to get your hands on the ¡TRÉ! + ¡CUATRO! bundle that is available in the UK and Europe? Well, Amazon is now listing the bundle on their [...] Read story

¡CUATRO! set for a late September US release; UK next week

It appears as though ¡CUATRO!, Green Day's trilogy documentary, will finally be getting an official US release late next month. Both Amazon and Best Buy have the trilogy docume [...] Read story

¡CUATRO! to release on August 26 in the UK

NME announced yesterday the news that Green Day's trilogy documentary, ¡CUATRO!, will be released in the UK on August 26th. The release date comes just after the band's performanc [...] Read story

¡Tre! & ¡Cuatro! bundle coming this summer

Attention European fans, here's some news just for you, hot off the presses. Later this summer, a ¡TRÉ! + ¡CUATRO! bundle will be coming your way. This will (technically) be a r [...] Read story

Limited tickets available for tomorrow's screening of Cuatro in Newport Beach

A limited amount of tickets have been available for the screening of Cuatro at the Newport Beach Film Festival tomorrow. If you live in the area and can be at there for the 5pm [...] Read story

¡Cuatro! will air on Palladia twice this week

Green Day's ¡Cuatro!, the documentary that follows the band through the recording of ¡Uno! ¡Dos¡ ¡Tre!, will air on Palladia twice this week. The version of ¡Cuatro! tha [...] Read story

Green Day's trilogy documentary, ¡Cuatro!, is out today for box set purchasers

After a long period of unconfirmed release dates, changing release dates, and much confusion, today is the day that ¡Cuatro! gets released. The documentary, which runs for 75 m [...] Read story