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Billie Joe and Billie Eilish interview in November issue of Rollingstone

The November issue of Rolling Stone magazine feature, Musicians on Musicians, will feature a conversation with Billie Eilish & Billie Joe! [...] Read story

Ultimate Guitar shares a complete guide to Green Day's "Holiday"

Ultimate has been running a series of "Complete Guides" to individual songs and they've featured Green Day's "Holiday" off American Idiot for their 3rd feature. The feat [...] Read story

Green Day on the cover of Kerrang magazine

Green Day is featured on the cover of Kerrang magazine which is coming out next Wednesday. The article titled "Revolution in the UK" teases an interview with the band as they prep [...] Read story

Green Day's anti-Trump chant spreads across the internet

During last night's performance of "Bang Bang" Green Day started chanting "No KKK, No Facsict USA, No Trump", and of course the internet noticed. Green Day was trending worldwide o [...] Read story

Why ‘American Idiot’ is Green Day’s greatest album

In celebration of American Idiot's release 12 years ago we'd like to share this article published on Alt Press. Written by someone who was 11 years old at the time the album was re [...] Read story

Billie Joe shares a personal playlist of songs that influenced his life

Entertainment Weekly has a new feature on Billie Joe! To celebrate the release of Revolution Radio yesterday, they got some personal music recommendations from the man himself. [...] Read story

Review roundup: 'Revolution Radio' is an energetic, back-to-basics masterpiece for the band

Over the past few days, reviews of Green Day's 12th studio album Revolution Radio have been rolling out on the web from music, news, and culture websites. Check out a selection [...] Read story

Rolling Stone publishes track-by-track review of 'Revolution Radio'

You thought you were excited for Green Day's upcoming album Revolution Radio right? Well, think again. Rolling Stone this morning has published a track-by-track review of the al [...] Read story

Green Day on the cover of Rolling Stone, discuss recent struggles and new album

Green Day are featured on the cover of the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine. As is usual when the band starts up another album cycle, there's an in-depth feature ar [...] Read story

Green Day featured on cover of latest Kerrang issue

Green Day is featured in the newest issue of Kerrang! Magazine, which came out today. The magazine flew out to California to interview the band about a variety of topics such as "B [...] Read story

Rolling Stone profiles 'Revolution Radio,' interviews Billie Joe

As we mentioned yesterday, an article about Green Day will be included in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone. This morning, the pop culture magazine's website posted a little p [...] Read story

Green Day Doesn't Suck, You Suck

In Defense of Green Day. As part of Consequence of Sound's monthly column titled Punk as Fuck, writer Patrick Brennan discusses, in his eye, the issues in punk music and culture. [...] Read story

"Green Day: Back from Hell" in the next issue of Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone's Instagram account has posted the cover of their next issue and a new Green Day article is mentioned on the cover. The article is titled "Green Day: Back from Hel [...] Read story

Round-up of articles about "Bang Bang" announcement

Since last night's announcement of Green Day's new single "Bang Bang," various music news outlets have reported on the news and Billie Joe's Instagram post. Check out the growing l [...] Read story

Green Day's Next Album: What We Do (and Don't) Want to Hear

Billboard recently speculated about whether or not a new album from Green Day could go on to be a big success. The author also highlighted what they'd like to see from the band. [...] Read story

Larry Livermore: 'Green Day In The Hall Of Fame'

Lookout Records founder and music aficionado Larry Livermore has written a great recap of his weekend in Cleveland with Green Day as they were inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall o [...] Read story