Watch The Network's new 'Asphyxia' video

The Network is the gift that keeps on giving. The masked band recently shared the video for their latest song "Asphyxia."

Similar to their other videos, it's a performance clip, but this time the Snoo is front and center while Fink shows off his skills behind the drumkit.

The Snoo explains the inspiration behind the song in the video description:

"My asphyxia dependency all started the first time I was choked out in a wrestling match. The experience was incredibly freeing and I needed to replicate that ecstatic rush the best I could, alone, in my hacienda. I started slow, putting my left hand to sleep with “the Stranger” Then, after a while, the pins and needles were not enough. I needed more. I began using my spiky leather belt and asphyxia became my modus operandi. I wrote the song to share my enthusiasm for this killer new way to pleasure yourself with the world."

Watch the video below, but do it secretly so Green Day doesn't find out.

Have you been converted to the Church of Lushotology? Do you agree with The Network's manifesto? Let us know on The Network Community forum.