GDA Celebrates 25 Years of Dookie: Irving Plaza 1994 Live Audio

On February 1st, it will be the 25th anniversary of Dookie's release. To celebrate this occasion, GDA will be posting never-before-heard recordings from the Dookie era every day for TEN days leading up to Dookie's anniversary!

To kick off this celebration, our first release is an audience recording from Green Day's show on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, 1994 at Irving Plaza in New York City. Although this show has been available online for a couple years now, it has only been circulating as MP3 files. For the first time, the original FLAC files are available outside of trading circles! Enjoy!

01 - Welcome to Paradise
02 - One of My Lies
03 – Chump
04 – Longview
05 – Burnout
06 - Only of You
07 - Christie Road
08 - 2000 Light Years Away
09 – Knowledge
10 - Going to Pasalacqua
11 - F.O.D.
12 - Paper Lanterns/Master of Puppets/Metal Health/Rock You Like a Hurricane
13 - All By Myself
14 - Food Around the Corner
15 - Dominated Love Slave
16 - Road to Acceptance
17 - Disappearing Boy/Eye of the Tiger/Sweet Home Alabama


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