Green Day backed documentary 'Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk' to premiere this summer

The upcoming Green Day co-produced film Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk will be making its debut this summer and will be released by Abramorama.

The film will premiere around North America this summer, though no dates have been announced yet. As we previously mentioned, the film is narrated by Iggy Pop and is directed by friend of the band Corbett Redford. Corbett was recently featured in the Spotify Green Day documentary that's coming out now.

Other notable appearances in the upcoming film include Tim Armstrong, Kirk Hammett, Kevin Wasserman, Fat Mike, and many more.

Billie Joe mentions the band's involvement with the film and that they are excited and proud of its release:

"Turn it Around gave us the opportunity to tell the story of the East Bay punk rock scene, a scene that’s a sacred thing to me, Mike and Tré and to a lot of others who were there at the founding and who helped to shape the genre. We’re proud to bring the history of this movement to the world and hope the film inspires people to create their own music and to build an artistic community."

Corbett Redford posted the following on Facebook after the announcement about the release.

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