Kerrang names 'Revolution Radio' album of the year

The latest issue of Kerrang counts down the top 50 albums of 2016 and has listed 'Revolution Radio' at #1.

"Underestimate Green Day at your peril. Even in the face of considerable opposition, Revolution Radio's coronation as this magazine's Album Of The Year was never really in jeopardy.
This is the work of a grown-up band who still knows a thing or two about teenage kicks. As with American Idiot, here Green Day makes a mockery of the usually sound argument that after seven or eigh years in the game the creativity of groups beings to flat-line. But not here, and not now. By measure of all vital signs, this union formed 30 years ago, its wingspan stretched taut in all its widescreen glory on Revolution Radio, remain vital."

The magazine interviewed Tre about getting the top spot. To which he replies

"Well done, you've chosen wisely. And I'd have to vote Kerrang! as Green day's magazine of the year. It's refreshing that rock n roll is still alive and well and strong, and that i can fight the robotic anti-music tide. It's good that people are listening to guitars and drums. It's important to me. It's good to know that we're not alone."

You can pick up a digital copy of the magazine through a link below:

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