Tre Interview with Virgin Radio about Revolution Radio

Tre was recently interviewed on Virgin Radio and answered a few questions about Revolution Radio, winning the Global Icon award at the MTV EMAs, and the band in general. When asked to comment on whether other rock bands releasing a new album this year was a coincidence or not he replied:

"We all got together like the Justice League and Blink-182 and Sum 41 and Good Charlotte and Green Day, we have this crystal palace that we go to and we all sat around the table. Superman was there and it was cool and we all planned to be a gigantic year for punk rock. No one is supposed to know that so don't tell anybody!"

Sorry Tre. They also talked about alternative band names for Green Day.

"Green Day's a good name. It'll work. I can spell it. I can remember it."

Check out the interview in the video and see below for a translation of the question.

Thanks to Stuart&Ave for posting this on the forum