Billie Joe goes in-depth about 'Revolution Radio' on Rolling Stone's 'Music Now' podcast

As part of the latest episode of Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast, host Nathan Brackett sits down with Rolling Stone writer Andy Greene to talk about Green Day's new album, Revolution Radio, and to play audio clips of Andy's interview with Billie Joe.

Brackett and Greene briefly discuss the state of Green Day, "Bang Bang", and the upcoming album. After catching listeners up on the events of the Trilogy and where the band is now, the duo play a few audio clips of Greene's exclusive phone interview with Billie Joe, quotes and information that ended up being used in Rolling Stone's reveal of Revolution Radio a couple weeks ago.

While the clips played don't necessarily reveal any new information, it is really interesting to actually hear Billie Joe say these things. It certainly allows you to put the information revealed in the interview into a different perspective, especially when he's talking about the Trilogy, things that Jason White and Mike's wife went through, and the meanings behind several songs on Revolution Radio.

The show can be heard in the player above or on Rolling Stone's website. You can also subscribe to their show in iTunes or Spotify. The segment begins around the 5:45 mark.

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