SJC Drums announces Tre Cool "Cookies & Cream" signature snare

We posted about Tre's new SJC drum kit a few weeks ago, but the company has now made the 'Cookies & Cream' Tre Cool signature snare drum available for purchase from It's currently available in pre-order, and ships September 2016. Check out the video below to hear how it sounds.

Here are the specs:

"We are proud to announce the new Tré Cool of Green Day Signature "Cookies & Cream" snare drum! Matching the "Cookies & Cream" custom wrap on one of his newest SJC kits, this snare was designed to be versatile, look classy and be the workhorse in your snare lineup. At 5.5x14, you get plenty of snap and volume. With flat black hardware and a Tré Cool signature badge, you'll be looking sharp and ready to rock, just like Tré!

5.5x14 10-ply Maple Shell
"Cookies & Cream" Custom Wrap
Tré Cool Signature SJC Badge
SJC Shield Lugs
3.0mm Hoops
Flat Black Hardware
Remo Drum Heads
Handcrafted in the USA"

Check the item out at