Tim McIlrath from Rise Against reviews Foreverly

Tim McIlrath from Rise Against.
Tim McIlrath from Rise Against.
Tim McIlrath, lead singer and guitarist from punk rock band "Rise Against" has recently written a review on Billie Joe + Norah Jones' new album Foreverly. Rise Against had the opportunity opening for Green Day back in 2010 while in Germany.

In the article, Tim talks about his experience opening for the band in 2010, how he respects them for doing this album, and just the album in general.

"If selling out is loosely defined as creating something for the sole purpose of it being successful, then whatever the word is for "opposite of selling out," insert it here. These are endeavors of pure intent, and I respect them out of the gate for that. "

You can read the full article on TheTalkHouse.com.