Green Day is having the best week ever

If you have VH1, watch for Best Week Ever. They talk about American Idiot, make fun of Avril Lavigne, and about the Sex Pistols getting into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. has a scan from People Magazine. Check it out here. Here's an a review of an American Idiot show at Jam! Music. And the Canadian National Post is talking about Green Day here.

There was a report that Green Day is doing some songs at Sessions @ AOL. Some performances are up already. Click here to go to the main page, then scroll down that huge list to Green Day. Click on the first link for an awesome video of them performing American Idiot live. I'm sure more videos are soon to come.

Also check out the awesome Revovler article I scanned on yesterday's post below. I accidentally missed the last page, but it's there now.

I thought this was funny. As I was reading through GDA's e-mail (where the Contact Us form goes), I came across this statement, "If you bastards hate America so much, then get the f**k out! Go live with those smelly bastards in France! We won't miss you." Hey Tara, if you actually listen to American Idiot, Green Day isn't talking about hating America, they talking about being a confused American. Get your facts straight before you start e-mailing me with crap.