American Idiot rules the world

After Green Day's performance of American Idiot on Dave Letterman on Monday (9-20) the band got to "rub elbows" with John Kerry afterwards. Don't they all look so excited and happy. You can watch the video by clicking here The video is from Thanks to Luke for making the video smaller for you guys to get it faster. If you want a high quality vid, go to

Well the guys are already starting to make thier mark on the world, again. The song, American Idiot is the number one song on iTunes, and it's also still number one on the Modern Rock Tracks. American Idiot the album, is also The Number One Album on iTunes.

If you want to read a fantastic article thats very indepth about the new album, the characters, and thier purpose, click here

American Idiot got an "A" from saying " When a band like Green Day (which, let's face it, has never been overly afraid of upsetting their purist constituency), goes way out on a limb like this, it's worth noticing." click here to read the full article.

Some small "talk" going on about making American Idiot into a movie. And also maybe releasing the "Behind the Scenes" of showing the band on their journey making this album. This is from

"We've definitely been talking about someone writing a script for it, and there's been a few different names that have been thrown at us," singer Billie Joe Armstrong said last week. "It sounds really exciting, but for right now it's just talk."

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