American Idiot leak - update

Hey guys! I just wanted to come on and thank everyone for the tremendous support GDA has been getting over the last few days. The new album is amazing, and I'm glad I could be a part in sharing it with you. Since Matt & Andres has given their 2 cents about the record, I will too, simply because this is my website and I can. I now have a new all time favorite Green Day song, it's "Wake Me Up When September Ends". That song is just amazing. I also believe that if "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was released as a single, it'll just blow the Billboard Charts away.

Anyway, we have gotten a record breaking number of votes in the past few days at the Green Day Topsites List. At the GDA Forum it was suggested that maybe we could reach 2,000 votes. Just at the main page here, there were 248 people on the site at one point! Now that is a GDA record.

Last but not least, I updated 2 pages today, Lyrics & Discography (corrections to the AI tracklist and lyrics), and also the Videos page. Have fun.