Green Day debut Holiday

Green Day is Yahoo! Launch's " Artist of the Month. There is a video for yet another Green Day Song from American Idiot, Holiday which you can see on Launch. Click here They have a live version of American Idiot, and also have an interview with the guys about the new CD. A new GMAIL account goes out to who ever can get the video in mpeg or avi format to me first! Congrats to Jeff Jones he won an gmail account for pointing me in the direction of the mp3 for Holiday! If you have the video send me an email "" Also if you have it send me a AIM msg "gdauthority". Ok even if you dont want the gmail account please send it in so can host it here so others can see it.

You can also sign up to win a trip to watch Green Day on this fall's tour. To sign up click here

One Last thing Also Green Day is in the new Kerrang! I will have the scans up (from lukey) later tonight.