American Idiot Review

AMERICAN IDIOT MAKES ME CREAM DOWN MY LEG. So catchy, so good, god damn, I, as well as other, cannot fucking wait. Anyway, post on the forums for your thoughts on American Idiot. Also, requested by a fellow GD fan, I thought it would be nifty to throw a petition in the air, bitching about how crappy the bands are that GD is touring with. It's not meant to do anything, persay, just to see what everyone else feels about the fuckhead agenda lined up for this tour. So visit the petition for more information. Thanks, and have a pleasant tomorrow. Also, remember to visit at 5 today for a better sounded audio for AI. If anyone could record the streaming audio, please, gimmie a ring. Thanks. AMERICAN IDIOT IS ORGASM-INDUCING.
UPDATE: American Idiot LYRICS