Books about 924 Gilman St.

Ok here are a couple of articles that slightly mention Green Day. This one is from Seattle PI news. It's mostly political stuff and there is short moment where they talk about Green Day
"Around 200 liberal or left-leaning bands, including Green Day, No Doubt, Blink 182 and Foo Fighters, have banded together at PunkVoter to help oust Bush and have organized a series of concerts called "Rock Against Bush."
This Article is from XLM. It mentions that yesterday the Reading Leeds Folks confirmed that all the tickes have sold out. Damn I wish I didn't live across the world so I could go see this. But oh well I will look at pictures :(

One last thing for the day! Here is some news from Green Day Sweet It just says that there is book out about the infamous 924 Gilman Street Project. Of course a major part of where Green Day came from. Click here for Gilman Street Project's Website.