I'm back

Hey all, I'm back from vacation! I'm not exactly happy about it though. I'd like to formally thank Darren from The International Supersites Directory for doing such an awesome job with GDA while I was gone. :) Over the past 4 days, I've received lots of mail. I've also noticed that stupid ass Hotmail was sending some e-mails back because my mailbox was full. If you have/had a problem with sending to the e-mail fashionvictim86@hotmail.com, try sending to gdangel@ptd.net. That will go through. I've received tons of new entries for the contest, and you can see them scattered throughout a couple of pages, starting here. I can tell that this is going to be a TOUGH contest. I added new Fan Art as well. New links, fan fiction, fan list, ect. submissions will all be added in the next few hours. Some Green Day news. According to Green Day Fan Site, the latest issue of Kerrang! Magazine has a large poster of "Shenanigans" in it. And last, I'd like to thank you guys who voted for GDA in the GDXFS Challenge. And if you haven't voted, please do so!