"Ah you're leaving home" an Editorial by Lori Champion

Life as a kid in small town America can be restricting. It's not a bad life by any means, but often it's a limited one. When you're a kid in a small town a trip to the next biggest city is a big deal, a trip to another state is a huge deal and a trip out of country is almost unheard of. Most small town kids spend their teen years dreaming of "getting out" but in the end a lot of them never do.

In the 80s Mike, Billie and Tre were three of those small town kids dreaming of a bigger life. Rodeo was exactly the kind of town that is difficult to leave and they may not have if it weren't for one thing, music. Music was their ticket out. It took them out of Rodeo, to places small town kids dream of, but rarely see. And along the way they met countless people, some of whom ended up becoming a big part of their lives, and careers. Relationships they may have never had if they had stayed in Rodeo.