Show Recap: Minneapolis, MN

Green Day played last night in Minneapolis, MN. Those in attendance were lucky enough to hear "Minnesota Girl", a song Billie Joe wrote for Adrienne (she's from Minnesota). I'd really love to hear a better quality version of this song, as it was originally posted as a audio message years ago.

[+] The Minneapolis Star Tribune posted this article about lasts night show.

My thanks to Mike for sending along this video from tonight. He also sent some pictures, which have been uploaded here. Any other photos from the night will be added there later.

Here's the original audio version posted a few years ago:

We heard that Jason Freese dressed up as Michael Jackson during "King For A Day", this is the only photo we've got of this so far.

If anyone has better pictures, or better quality video of "Minnesota Girl", please email us,

The band also fooled around playing the intro to songs like Crazy Train, Iron Man and Master of Puppets. Setlist posted right here.