Download Highway 1, Some Pinhead EP details

First off, thank you all for the comments/emails and posts wishing me a happy birthday. I had a pretty great day. Lots of you were wondering what happened to Highway 1 when the Foxboro Hot Tubs released 'Stop Drop & Roll'. The song was replaced with Broadway for some reason just before the album came out. Since Highway 1 was originally released along with the free 6 song EP, we've put the song up for download in the extra media section (#24) for those of you who were unable to download it before.

Back in April we posted that Billie Joe had mentioned at one of the Pinhead Gunpowder shows that PG would be releasing a new EP with some new songs. has posted info from Recess Records, that says the EP will be coming out July 22nd. We haven't confirmed this date yet, but we did hear that the album would be coming out soon, so lets keep our fingers crossed that we'll get some new music from Pinhead Gunpowder within the next month or two. We'll post anymore updates as we get them.

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