More Tickets on Sale Tomorrow, Shootin' the Shit

Meet your moosey fate! Sorry to say, that's the last of the Invader Zim icons I have. All those little icons, by the way, are from this website. And an awesome site it is. That im [...] Read story

Billie Joe, Doobie's Pictures, New Page, Courtney's Wisdom, XFS Challenge

Stupid stinking humans! HELLOOO out there in Green Day land. Ok so that was lame. Wait no it wasn't. If you think it was lame then I have 2 words for you: fuck you. Now that we u [...] Read story

XFS Challenge, Total Guitar Magazine, New Website

You all are doomed! Hi. How's it hanging? That's great. I'm great. Nah, I lied, I'm never great. Anyway. I'm going to try to do some more updating today so this message might chan [...] Read story

Tour News, Website Changes Name

Listen carefully. The tour people had to be gay and switch around some tour dates and lead on unsuspecting fans like me. So here's the deal. Some of the venues have been announced, [...] Read story

Happy Birthday Billie, New Websites, Another New Affiliate

So I got on anyway today to wish Billie Joe a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yay! He's probably getting drunk right now. Anyway, check out this new Pop Disaster Tour Website. It's a pretty awesom [...] Read story

Billie's Birthday tomorrow, Poll, Articles, Affiliates

So uhh yeah. Billie Joe's birthday is tomorrow, February 17. So I just wanna take this opportunity in case I don't get to update tomorrow to say Happy 30th Birthday Billie Joe! Woo [...] Read story

Pop Diaster Tour Dates Released!

Woo hoo! I just found out that I'll be going to 1 maybe 2 Green Day shows in May. And here's the moment you all have been waiting for...*drumroll*: +4/17 - Bakersfield, CA + +4/ [...] Read story

TRL, Billie Joe, Interview, Tour Dates was everyone's day? My day sucked balls, complete with retard drivers and work. And I need to get this out....what the fuck is so special about Nickelback's "How You Remin [...] Read story

The New Music, New Audio, Affiliate News

This from The New Music: Hard to believe these guys have been together since 1989, 13 years and 25 million albums later Billie Joe, Mike and Tre decided it was time to give their [...] Read story

EXPN Performance

Hey all. EXPN finally updated the site with the Green Day performance videos and interview. Check it out here. Well...that's all I have for you. [...] Read story

Mike Updates His Audio Again, You Asked Green Day Answers

Blah yet another update that comes a lil late. Hey before I go on, if you have the opportunity, A Walk to Remember. Awesome movie. Go see it. Especially if you're a girl ( [...] Read story

Jimmy Eat World not Confirmed, New Stuff to buy

Hiya. I hope everyone is well, I'm not. Anywayz, nearly all of the pages on this site are completed. I'd appreciate it that if you do find a dead link or error message, you'd repor [...] Read story

Billie Updates his Audio

Hey everyone! I hope everyone likes the new design. I'm trying my best to get all the pages done, but there's just not enough hours in a day for me. I hope you all understand. Plea [...] Read story

Tre's New Audio Message, GD Does Gardening, GDA Design

Hey there GD fans. As you can see, GDA is got a design! And all the credit goes to Darren of International Supersites Directory and Green Day Fans UK for helping me through the who [...] Read story

All the Guys Update their Messages, UK Magazine

Hey people. I hope everyone is well. I'm not I'm been coughing constantly since I woke up this morning. Oh well. If you don't know, all 3 guys recently updating their audio message [...] Read story

Winter X VI Games Photos

Well Happy Dr. Martin Luthur King Day to you too. EXPN has posted the photos from Green Day's performance at the Winter X VI Games. But you don't have to go over there because I al [...] Read story