Green Day show in Los Angeles cancelled, permits denied out of concern for crowd size

Last week Billie Joe announced on twitter that the band would be playing a secret show in Los Angeles but they didn't give concrete info about where the show was or when it was tak [...] Read story

Rolling Stone posts an interview with Billie Joe about new albums

In addition to Rolling Stone's magazine article, their website has posted an exclusive interview with Billie Joe talking about the new albums and what we can expect to hear from th [...] Read story

Pre-order these awesome "Billie Joe 2012" bumper stickers for only $2

It's an election year, so show your support with "Billie Joe 2012" bumper sticker with artwork made by kelly42fox. Stickers are 8.5" x 3", only $2, and we ship worldwide (shippin [...] Read story

Rolling Stone interviews Green Day in studio, confirms 36 new songs

The newest issue of Rolling Stone is out featuring an article on Green Day's upcoming new albums titled "Green Day Ditch Rock Operas for Raw Punk LPs". This is the first in-depth i [...] Read story

The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It: Part IV

We're back with The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It! Please, have a seat, get a cup of coffee or tea, and grab a bag of popcorn because the show is about to begin. Actually, I do [...] Read story

Static Noise 68: We talk about the preview and artwork for ¡Uno!

68: A preview of ¡Uno! We're back once again, this time we break down the preview released for ¡Uno!. We talk about the music, the album artwork, our expectations, and how we [...] Read story

"Why should my fun have to end? For me its only the beginning."

It happens every June, no matter how hard I try to avoid it. Inevitably my birthday rolls around and I begrudgingly turn another year older. And instead of celebrating that I someh [...] Read story

Tom Kitt collaborating with Green Day on new albums

The San Francisco Chronical conducted an interview with Tom Kitt who revealed that he is working with Green Day on their upcoming trilogy of albums, ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!. Kitt say [...] Read story

Album cover, song preview and possible track list for ¡Uno!

Green Day has just released the album artwork for the first album, ¡Uno!, from their upcoming trilogy. The artwork for the first album features Billie Joe, with his eyes crossed o [...] Read story

Trailer and album cover for ¡Uno! now posted on Idiot Club

A brand spankin' new trailer and an album cover for ¡Uno! have now been posted on Idiot Club for members to view. At 1:00pm EST, when it goes public, we will be able to post the v [...] Read story

Watch the Cast of "American Idiot" perform LIVE this afternoon

Late this afternoon at 6pm EST, Google will present a special live presentation with the cast of the American Idiot musical. The presentation will be aired via YouTube and the cast [...] Read story

Surprise Green Day "sex party show" in Los Angeles soon

Green Day is going to be playing a secret "sex party show" in Los Angeles very soon according to Billie Joe, who just tweeted several times (for the first time in over a month): G [...] Read story

Butch Vig is featured in the June 2012 issue of Rhythm Magazine talking about Green Day

An interview with Butch Vig, the legendary drummer and producer, is featured in this month's issue of Rhythm Magazine. Vig only produced one Green Day album: 21st Century Breakdown [...] Read story

Vote for Green Day as best Warped Tour band of all time and battle of the lazy songs

First off, I would just like to apologize for the lack of updates regarding Green Day's upcoming trilogy over the past month, but I'm sure we are just around the bend from huge ann [...] Read story

The Songs You've Never Heard - "Cigarettes and Valentines"

The June issue of Alternative Press magazine includes a feature entitled "The Songs You've Never Heard" and included is article on Green Day's lost album Cigarettes and Valentines. [...] Read story

Billie Joe auctions off an autographed guitar for the Art For Schools fundraiser in Piedmont

This past weekend Billie Joe attended an auction for the Firehouse Art Collective "Art For Schools" fundraiser. At the event Billie auctioned off an autographed Les Paul Jr. along [...] Read story