Contest Finalists

The top 5 finalists in our Prosthetic Head contest have been chosen. You guys can now listen to and vote for your favorite on the contest page. We'd love to hear your comments on t [...] Read story

Happy Anniversary

Happy 12th Anniversary to Billie Joe and Adrienne Armstrong more photos [...] Read story

July Site Updates

Happy July everyone! This post is just an overall site update for July. July 12th is GDA's 5th Anniversary. Yeah, 5 years ago this month Courtney started this place. So to celebrat [...] Read story

Nominate Green Day for the VMA's

Hey everyone. We can nominate Green Day for the 2006 MTV Music Video Awards for either Wake Me Up or St. Jimmy (remember that video was just the live one from BIAB). So you can cl [...] Read story

New Quiz, New Poll, Contest Update

There is finally a new quiz up for you guys to take. Also, the results of the last poll have been posted here, along with a new question.Today and tomorrow are the last two days to [...] Read story

Awards and Tattoos Pages Updated

Hey everyone! I redesigned and updated the Green Day's Awards page. I know I have to be missing some stuff that they won over the years, so if you know something that I missed, p [...] Read story

Adeline Street's New Website, Updates

Adeline Street has a new website for their merchandise and they are also building a new website for the actual record label. The company was mentioned in the new AP magazine; You [...] Read story, VH1, GDA stickers

It seems is working on a new site. They posted up this banner saying that Green Day is going to work with the NRDC, and a new site from them will be coming soon. We'l [...] Read story

Happy Birthday to Andres!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRES!Today is Andres' 20th birthday! Best wishes to one of the most dedicated webmasters from all of the GDA staff as he finally enters his 20s. :) [...] Read story

Green Day's tattoos, FOTW, Didja Know

Hey guys, I've updated the Green Day's tattoos page. If anyone has any other good pictures of the guy's tattoos, or any information that is not included, please feel free to e-mai [...] Read story

Green Day win at MMVA's

Green Day won 'Best International Group' at the MuchMusic Video Awards. They were nominated for a second award - People's Choice "Favourite International Group" - but they lost th [...] Read story

Are Green Day Punk?

We have a great new editorial up written by one of our visitors. The topic; Are Green Day Punk?. It's a very well written article, so I invite you all to read it.We've already sold [...] Read story

GDA Stickers, Poll, Contest

GDA now has some stickers for sale. The first batch (as you can see above) says "I'd rather be at a Green Day concert." You can click here to order some. Shipping is the same world [...] Read story

Meeting Green Day

The meeting Green Day section has been updated with a couple new pages of photos from other fans with Green Day. The merchandise section has been updated again. I got the "Most Vi [...] Read story

Album Reviews, Donations

We have a new album review up for the Angels & Airwaves album "We Don't Need to Whisper".We have also updated our donate to GDA page with our mailing address for people who would [...] Read story

People Magazine, Contests

There is a little (and i mean really little) mention of Billie Joe and his son Joey in the newest People Magazine. It's like "Match the kid" - it's pretty lame. Here's the scan. I [...] Read story