Scans from Kerrang Magazine "getting personal" with previous Billie Joe quotes

We posted last week about Billie Joe being in the new Kerrang Magazine. The section is basically just a couple pages of quotes from Billie Joe from his interviews with Kerrang over [...] Read story

Pictures of Billie Joe on his birthday, and a good shot of his new 'Awesome As Fuck' tattoo

The American Idiot musical twitter account (@AmericanIdiotNY) posted these photos of Billie Joe celebrating his birthday. The first photo below is of fans with birthday balloons, [...] Read story

Chat with Chris Dugan (Green Day engineer and photographer) on next Wednesday

Next Wednesday, February 23rd at 3pm EST Green Day's engineer, photographer, and videographer, Chris Dugan will be stopping by the Idiot Club to test out the Idiot Club's new chat [...] Read story

Happy 39th Birthday Billie Joe!

Billie Joe Armstrong celebrates his 39th birthday today. On behalf of all the GDA staff, I'd like to wish him a very happy birthday and to "break a leg" in tonight's performanc [...] Read story

Billie Joe "gets personal" in the new issue of Kerrang Magazine

This week's issue of Kerrang has some Billie Joe in it. Exactly how much...I don't know. All the teaser says is "Billie Joe gets personal," and here's a tiny itty bitty un-readable [...] Read story

Want to write for GDA? We're looking for a news editor

Do you like to write and like Green Day? Well well, we have a position on the GDA team just waiting for you. Update: We won't be accepting applications after Sunday night, Februa [...] Read story

Video: Interview with Mike Dirnt talking about The Frustrators

Scott Less recently interviewed Mike Dirnt in the "Less Is More Lounge" to talk about the upcoming Frustrators shows that start this Friday at 924 Gilman Street. You can watch the [...] Read story

New Green Day shirt available from Hot Topic

Hot Topic has a new girls Green Day shirt available. It's a green heart with nails in it. Not sure exactly what type of design it fits (doesn't really seem to go along with eith [...] Read story

American Idiot musical tickets on sale for all March performances

If you're looking to go see the musical in March, you should definitely order early. An email was sent yesterday to let people know that tickets are on sale for the entire month o [...] Read story

New video of "Cigarettes and Valentines" posted on YouTube

Green Day's YouTube channel gave us all a little Valentine's Day treat this morning when they posted a new video of "Cigarettes and Valentines." The video contains photos from the [...] Read story

News Recap: Stories around the net about Billie Joe's Grammy win

Last night Billie Joe picked up another Grammy award for 'Best Musical Show Album' for the American Idiot cast album. No doubt some wonderful recognition for the work Billie Joe a [...] Read story

"Cigarettes and Valentines" is set to be premiered tonight on 1019 RXP

Earlier today DJ Rich Russo tweeted that tonight on his radio show he would be premiering Green Day's song "Cigarettes and Valentines." You can listen to the his show entitled "An [...] Read story

"American Idiot" wins Grammy for Best Musical Show Album

The American Idiot Original cast album has won a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album. This was announced within the past hour. The American Idiot Original Cast album (featuring Gr [...] Read story

GDA podcast #33: We talk about Billie Joe on Twitter, Cometbus 54, and the changes to the muslcal

Strawberry Jam Packed Episode: This week Andres, Matt, Mikey and Tony talk about the changes in the musical, Billie Joe on Twitter, Mike's interview on KSRO and the brouhaha foll [...] Read story

Winning entry for the "Awesome As Fuck" cover redesign contest

We are pleased to announce Ap Ch as the winner of our "Awesome As Fuck" cover redesign contest. I personally love the artwork and I think that it should have been the official one [...] Read story

Listen to audio from today's interview with Mike Dirnt and The Frustrators

Mike Dirnt and members of his side band, The Frustrators, sat down with KSRO radio to talk about their upcoming shows in the Bay Area. The interview lasts about 20 minutes and cov [...] Read story