Stop Drop and Roll!!! by Foxboro Hot Tubs

Stop Drop and Roll!!!

Released: April 21, 2008

Stop, Drop & Roll!!! is an album by another Green Day side-band, the "Foxboro Hot Tubs". A few songs were sent to a few members on Green Day's 'Idiot Club' - and a few days later the band opened up a MySpace account with some more songs. The full album was released April 22, 2008 as both CD and Vinyl, and the band went on a small tour on the southwest of the USA. Foxboro also played a show in London in 2009, and twice in New York City in April 2010. More details about Foxboro can be read here.

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Track List Video Tab
1 Stop Drop and Roll
2 Mother Mary
3 Ruby Room
4 Red Tide
5 Broadway
6 She's a Saint Not a Celebrity
7 Sally
8 Alligator
9 The Pedestrian
10 27th Ave. Shuffle
11 Dark Side of Night
12 Pieces of Truth
13 Highway 1