Money Money 2020 by The Network

Money Money 2020

Released: September 29, 2003

The Network is a Green Day side-project that started in 2003 while the band was between 'Warning' and 'American Idiot'. They released this album in September 2003. Green Day has publicly denied that they are The Network - but really...

More about The Network can be read here.

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Track List Video Tab
1 Joe Robot
2 Transistors Gone Wild
3 Reto
4 Supermodel Robots
5 Money Money 2020
6 Spike
7 Love and Money
8 Right Hand-A-Rama
9 Roshambo
10 Hungry Hungry Models
11 Spastic Society
12 X-Ray Hamburger
13 Teenagers from Mars
14 Hammer of the Gods