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In honour of 21st Century Breakdown's 3rd birthday earlier in the week, this week's Song of the Week is its 16th track and biggest hit 21 Guns, the second single released from the album. The 21 Guns single charted very well on various ... read story
This week's Song of the Week is the airy Rest; track 9 off Green Day's first album 39/Smooth, released in 1990, as well as the compilation album 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (1991). There's a certain dream-like quality to Rest's lyrics, ... read story
Song of the Week for this week is the "unapologetic love song" Last Night On Earth, track 7 from Green Day's 8th studio album, 2009's 21st Century Breakdown. The song is also featured in the American Idiot musical, fitting into the ... read story
This week's Song of the Week is the cynical Scumbag, originally released as a b-side to the Warning single, but better known as track 8 off Green Day's compilation album, Shenanigans (2001). The song was also featured on the soundtrack of ... read story
Song of the Week this week is the cynical In The End, the penultimate track off Green Day's 1994 major-label debut, Dookie. Billie Joe wrote In The End "about my mother's husband", rather than about a girl he was interested in, and can ... read story
To commemorate happy chocolate-eating day, this week's Song of the Week is the gritty Geek Stink Breath, track 4 off Green Day's fourth album; 1995's Insomniac. Geek Stink Breath was the first single released off Insomniac, charting at ... read story
This week's Song of the Week is the whimsical Private Ale, track 5 off Green Day's 2nd album Kerplunk, released in 1992. As with much of Green Day's earlier material, Private Ale is all about unrequited teenage love and the woes of growing ... read story
Song of the Week this week is the sombre Rotting, originally released in 1997 as a b-side to the Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) single, but better known as track 11 off 2002's b-side compilation album Shenanigans. Looking at the lyrics ... read story
This week's Song of the Week is the delightfully crude, undeniably Tre-penned Like A Rat Does Cheese, an unreleased song originally aired during a live radio performance by Green Day on Washington DC's DC 101 FM. As with many of Tre's ... read story
Song of the Week this week is the self-loathing Jinx, 11th track off Green Day's eclectic 5th studio, Nimrod, released in 1997. Jinx's lyrics describe a relationship where one person feels as if they're dragging the other down with them ... read story
This week's Song of the Week is Green Day's dig at materialism and consumerism; Fashion Victim, track 4 of Green Day's 6th studio album, Warning. The meaning behind Fashion Victim's lyrics is fairly self-explanatory - they criticise and ... read story
To put a slightly different spin on Valentines day tomorrow, this week's Song of the Week is the spitting, hate-filled, profanity-laden Platypus (I Hate You), track 8 off 1997's Nimrod, Green Day's 5th studio album. Billie Joe tweeted on ... read story
This week's song of the week was written by John., a moderator on our forum. You can view the topic for this song on the forum. ------ This week, our song of the week is Before The Lobotomy, the 21st Century Breakdown hit about whiskey ... read story
In celebration of Dookie's upcoming 18th birthday, this week's Song of the Week is its 7th track and 3rd single, the super-hit Basket Case. The song reached the number 1 spot on the Billboard Modern Rock chart at the time of its release and ... read story
In honor of the (second) best song of the week contest beginning with voting for the best song from 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours on our forum, this week's song is my favorite song from this album "At the Library." Released on July 1, ... read story
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