Billie Joe interview with Q magazine on 'Revolution Radio'

Green Day was interviewed for the latest issue of Q Magazine. They cover the trilogy and Green Day's return with Revolution Radio. The issue is out now and you can order a physical or digital copy at

The interview starts with a summarization of the Trilogy as "releasing 37 songs in 78 days. It was too much even for the hardcore fans - the sales of Dos and Tre tailed off precipitously - and it was too much for the band". When asked if the whole idea was an active of madness, Billie nods and says

"Those records have absolutely no direction to them. It was about being prolific for the sake of it. So we were just going and going"

He also talked about drug and alcohol use that led to rehab in 2012

"The thing about someone who's losing their mind is that they don't know they're losing their mind. I thought my life was completely normal. And it wasn't. I was on drugs! And people aren't acting rationally when they're on drugs. So I had to take care of myself. I had to kick that, and I did."

Then they move on to talk about the upcoming album and inspiration behind it

"After the grandiosity of 2012's trio of LPs, Revolution Radio is not so much a makeover as a make-under: a self produced set fueled by little more than "tons of coffee" and recorded by the threesome "hacking away" over the first six months of 2016 in their new studio Otis ("as in Otis Redding or Otis Rush"). "

When Billie is asked if Revolution Radio is "an angry album", he replies:

No. It's inspired by confusion and just trying to make some sense of where you stand in the world there's a lot of chaos going on. That's a big theme through all of Green Day's history - feeling lost. "

Thanks to basketcase4933 for posting the pics of the magazine on our forum.