WTF: MTV News has no clue what they're talking about

Well... this is certainly interesting. Interesting enough for us to dust off our classic "WTF" news post category.

Several members of the MTV News team (read the "news" part with air quotes) decided to provide their oh-so-informed take on Green Day's new song "Bang Bang."

"Honestly, everything about Green Day at the moment seems like a band lost in time. The lyrics to “Bang Bang” reference Vietnam (as a rhyme for “photo bomb”!?); and the bludgeoning, dynamic-free, loudness-war production is a ’90s relic. Not to sound entitled, but where’s the redemptive singalong at the end of the play where we all get a free digital download?"

... what?

"A snarling pop-punk anthem about gun violence and toxic masculinity isn’t necessarily a bad idea. But I don't know what “Bang Bang” is trying to say about either subject that Green Day didn’t get across more effectively a decade ago."

Ummmm.... "a snarling pop-punk anthem about gun violence" is exactly what it is.

No more quotes, because I'm getting very annoyed. Give it a read (titled: "Green Day ruin the '90s") but prepare yourself before you do.