Featured eBay Items: Limited-edition, numbered Green Day posters

Our first featured eBay item is a tour poster from a 1995 show in Kansas City, Missouri. The artwork is extremely unique, full of color and was created by the artist known as Uncle Charlie. It is numbered 150/400, sized at 24" x 36", and would make an eye-popping addition to any Green Day wall! Check it out and buy here!

The second eBay item is a limited-edition promotional poster from Mike Dirnt's very own restaurant, Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe. The seller states that the posters were being given away on one special occasion and were limited to a tiny batch of 250. This one is numbered 131/250, and features a spin-off of the artwork from the classic Clash album that contains the restaurant's namesake song. The exact size isn't listed by the seller, but it looks to be medium-sized, maybe 11" x 17". Bid on this very rare piece right here!