NME mentions Green Day in "Heinous Crimes Against Music"

"I Fought the Law" single
"I Fought the Law" single
NME has put together a list of 30 "Heinous Crimes Against Music," as chosen by their readers/visitors.

In that list, the music magazine/website slams various artists and groups regarding cover tracks, quotes, music in education, or just being who they are (i.e: Nickelback - wait, do people still hate them?).

Our boys Green Day landed a spot on the list for their cover of The Clash's cover of "I Fought the Law" from 2003. What? Let's all laugh now.

That song is how I got into the band. Plus, it was featured in Apple and Pepsi's commercial about the two companies' collaboration for free music downloads.

Luckily, NME prefaces the entry with this:

"Green Day wouldn't usually be anywhere near a list like this"

This and this are spot on, however.