Idiot Nation now taking questions for a video Q&A with Mike Dirnt

Mike Dirnt
Mike Dirnt
Idiot Nation just announced another episode of the popular Jeff Matika Show, which will feature a Q&A with guest Mike Dirnt.

Idiot Nation members can submit their questions for Mike on the Idiot Nation forum through tomorrow night, July 10th.

The first episode of the Jeff Matika show debuted just a few days ago with an interview with Billie Joe. Jeff recently announced via Twitter that part two of Billie Joe's interview will be out soon, which we are looking forward to.

"Thanks for all the support and kind words about The Jeff Matika Show. We had so much fun making it. Episode 2 (more BJA) coming soon. #tjms"

What are some burning questions that you hope Mike will answer? Let us know in the comments below! Personally, I'm looking forward to this one as MIke's interviews are always very interesting as he thoroughly answers questions.