Green Day plays American Idiot in Los Angeles

You lucky bastards in LA got to see Green Day play American Idiot for the first time. I just got a really really great article from MTV about last nights show. click here to read Well from this review I undrestand that it was an awesome show, with tons of back up artists, two guitarists, piano player, two women singing, etc. One more article about last night from click here to read it
Also the new American Idiot Player is out. You can check it out here it has the Song American Idiot along with the Making of the American Idiot Video. So check it out

Again we need more votes going to TRL to get Green Day on the charts. Come on folks I know we all want to see them on there, because they are the only band that we would watch on there. So please you can make a vote by calling MTV at 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-3425-688) and also be sure to vote for them online RIGHT HERE

DONT FORGET!!!!! Tonight you can watch Green Day host MTV2 tonight. They start at 9pm EST and will be on showing YOUR favorite Green Day videos for an hour. After that MTV2 will air one of Green Day's live concerts from previous years, and as a follow up to that they will show Green Day Makes a Video. So if you have MTV2 watch it.....if anyone can capture it, let me know so you can send it to us that dont have MTV2.

Check out this article that talks about Green Day pens a rock opera

I would like to say thanks to "Mike" for helping GDA by donating some money to us for the server. I would also like to say that he sells live Green Day shows on DVD. We are currently working on making him part of GDA so we will post up the DVD's (8hrs with 7 full concets) for sale on GDA I will let you guys know hopefully by next week about it. If you guys want more info about the Green Day DVD's that he has you guys should definitly contact him for more info. Email is

"And this message goes out to Allie. Dan loves you very MUCH!"