Articles, New Pictures, Website Updates

Well today there is a ton of media information on Green Day, so I don't even know where to start. Head on over to Muchmusic read Green Day Remembers Dee Dee Ramone. The picture to the right is Billie Joe along with Jacob Dylan (The Wallflowers) at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction. The picture is in this month's issue of Teen People Magazine. I know it's a teenybopper magazine but I saw it said Music Preview, so I picked it up and there was a pic of B.J. so I had to buy it. GDA had it first. There are some new pictures at The Pop Disaster Website of the June 10th show, and also a TON of photos posted at Rolling Stone. A bunch of new fans were added to the Fan List (do you know we have almost 100 people on the list?) and also some new Concert Reviews were added. Some really awesome Fan Art was add to GDA as well. Collector's Corner was also updated today with more sellers, and for the people on that page, I wanna say that I'm gonna be "spring cleaning" it at the end of June. All old entries will be deleted and you will need to submit again to get it on the page. I also came across a Green Day Fanlisting today. Yay! So go sign up. Last thing I wanted to say, Green Day > UK has reported that for all you lucky bastards over in the U.K., Shenanigans will be released on July 1, 2002. +