The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It: Week Two

We're back with another installment of "The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It." Thank you guys for the nice responses and number of views on last week's post. Makes doing my job all the better <3

This week, we have articles on the American Idiot Musical, the new album, and the WTF?!?! article! So let's dive into it!

The Spectrum: Green Day announces new trilogy
Matt Paulsen for North Dakota State University's newspaper, The Spectrum, wrote an article discussing Green Day's new trilogy of albums. Matt provides a nice summary and background on Green Day to begin the article to bring readers up-to-date on the band and what's been going on recently with secret shows and the musical. At the end of the article, Matt raises some concerns and asks some questions about the trilogy idea (sounds like he's been listening to Static Noise and stole our ideas). Give the article a read as it is a nice one. "American Idiot' inspires musical and brew
Over on, Yetta Gibson has written an article talking about the musical and how there's been a "new brew" created at San Tan Brewery in Chandler, AZ. The ale is called "American Idiot" and was obviously inspired by the musical. It is available for purchase now at the brewery, but only for while the show is there! So if you're in the Chandler area, be sure to stop by and try it!

Rolling Stone: Steven Adler on Axl Rose: 'I'm Done With Him'
Rolling Stone has posted an interview with Steven Adler, former drummer of Guns 'N Roses. In the interview, Steven was asked about the band's Hall of Fame induction and his reactions on the ceremony. When asked about his new band, Steven says that they're all really cool guys, but he had higher praises for Green Day, saying, "the guys in Green Day are the coolest guys I've ever met in my life." He continues on with more nice compliments about the band so be sure to read that section of the article!

Weekly "WTF?!?!" Article

Fighters: WWE Smackdown Recap
Though it's been three years since the song was released, there is still a bit of "Know Your Enemy" hate out there, unfortunately. I was actually surprised to learn that the track was still WWE Smackdown's theme song. Jon Comas of wrote an article recapping this past week's Smackdown event. Jon decided to start off the article ripping on Green Day and "Know Your Enemy" by saying, "Green Day was a lot of fun when you were 13 and hormonally pissed off for vague reasons." Granted, I chuckled a little after reading that line but the rest of the article got to me. Not exactly pleased with this one, which is why it is our "WTF?!?!?!" article.