Record a Green Day cover for a chance to win some vinyl and Idiot Club prizes

Want a chance to win a copy of the new white Warning vinyl, a free Idiot Club account, and some Idiot Club exclusive postcards? We're looking for people to record and send us their best Green Day cover! In honor of 21st Century Breakdown's third anniversary coming the middle of next month, we're limiting the contest to any song from that album. Yes, even "Song of the Century" if you can pretty it up and make it awesome! Also, "Hearts Collide" and "Lights Out" are included.

Entries will be accepted starting today and are due by May 10th at 11:59pm EST. So get something recorded and emailed to Matt before then! On May 11th, you guys will get to listen to our top five or six entries and vote on which one you think is the best! Voting will wrap up on May 14th and the winner will be announced on May 15th, the three year anniversary of 21st Century Breakdown.

The cover with the most votes will win a copy of the white Warning vinyl, a pack of Idiot Club exclusive postcards, and a one year Idiot Club membership. The runner-up will also win a one year Idiot Club membership.

A majority of covers out there are either full-band covers or acoustic covers. These are certainly acceptable but be creative with what you do! Doesn't have to be exactly like the original song.

As I mentioned above, we're requiring a song from 21st Century Breakdown and it must be in the best quality possible. We will not accept poor-quality recordings, such as from a phone or computer microphone.

In terms of quality, here's an example of something we're looking for:

Recordings should be uploaded to a file-sharing site or server so we can download it and accept your entry. Tracks posted on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, YouTube, or other streaming services will not be accepted. File formats accepted are .WAV, .AIFF, .FLAC, .MP3/.M4A/.WMA (encoded at at least 192kbps). ONE entry per person and replacements are not allowed. While you can do whatever you'd like with your cover, we recommend the cover having vocals. Also, all instrumentation must be made by yourself, no Green Day backing tracks or Green Day in the background.

Submit your track to by May 10th at 11:59pm EST.

Oh yeah, and have fun! We're excited to hear what you all come up with!