Another new video of Green Day in the studio

A new video of the band has been posted on YouTube. This one has a mixture of the band in some studio, not sure which, as well as them living their daily lives. Though it appears as if this one was not too recent as Billie's hair is black. Yes, we pay attention to his hair as well.

The video is titled "6-13," presuambly talking about June 13. Many people speculated this was some kind of hint about when the new album is coming out - but don't get ahead of yourselves. We've heard that it's actually more likely the date this was filmed. Turns out the band was recording last June at JEL Recording Studios, and they even mention it on their site "Thanks Green Day - it was great having you back all summer of 2011" - so this video was filmed during that time.

Thanks to J3PPiSH for sending this news and Roland S. for some clarification.