Wrstbands, EQ Magazine, Wallpaper Contest

Starting next Wednesday, July 1st, we're gonna be selling some wristbands from GDA that say "Green Day Community". This started off as something on our forum, people wanted something to show they were part of this community at Green Day shows, or just for the hell of it. More details will be posted here early next week. For now, you can visit this page for some pictures and details of the wristbands.

The winners in our wallpaper contest have been chosen, they are St.JimmyRules and Cheyenne. Visit the contest page to view their entries, along with the runners up (Hayley Sheets and walkingalone_x3) and all the wallpapers that were submitted. We are now working on a new wallpaper section.

As mentioned in the last post, Green Day are on the cover of EQ Magazine. Here are the scans of that article, posted originally on the forum by GreenDayCastaway1039. The article takes a very technical in-depth look at all the equipment Green Day used during the recording of 21CB. They also have some fun little facts, like the static noises that start or end some of the songs were taken directly from KCUF. Green Day bought a pirate radio transmitter and started playing the new music over it on a station they made up, titled "KCUF" months before anyone had heard the new album. The lucky few who were close enough to pick up the signal got the chance to hear the new stuff before anyone else, of course Green Day never mentioned what was playing.