'F**k Cancer' t-shirt giveaway

We're giving away one of the new F**k Cancer shirts which are being sold to raise money for charity. To enter you have to go Like and comment on this post on Facebook, or retwe [...] Read story

New F**K Cancer shirts. 100% of profits to benefit charity

Today we're really excited to start selling these 'F**K Cancer' shirts with 100% of the profits going to the Avon Walk for breast cancer research and patient care. The shirts, blac [...] Read story

Riddles Contest 2: Win a $50 Gift Certificate or 'Demolicious' vinyl

It's time for another riddle contest. This time Green Day has run away and their manager has entrusted GDA to round up the members. Help us find everyone before the show! If [...] Read story

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue cover "Brain Stew" at Lollapalooza

For those on mobile, skip to 6:35. They also covered the song back in January at a concert in Los Angeles (looks like that video has been removed). The band also joined Gree [...] Read story

Green Day's "Coming Clean" listed as one of 8 Great LGBT Songs

Green Day's "Coming Clean" off Dookie has been included in Music Times.com's list of 8 Great LGBT Themed Songs. Green Day is listed first, other artists on the list include Lou Ree [...] Read story

5SOS includes Green Day songs in their favorite pop-punk songs

To go along with their placement on the cover, 5 Seconds to Summer has been interviewed by Alt Press who wanted to know the band's favorite pop-punk songs. Members of the band m [...] Read story

Interview with sound engineer Chris Dugan: A lost Green Day Christmas album, & working with the band

Chris Dugan, an audio engineer, photographer, and producer (among other things), has worked on every Green Day project since 2002's Shenanigans. He has also done work on their side [...] Read story

Featured eBay Item: 2001 "International SuperActionFigures" lunch box

Today, we have for you a rare lunch box that was originally for sale in 2001, in tandem with the International SuperAcitonFigures toys (show below). The items were all produced to [...] Read story

10 years ago today: we heard "American Idiot" for the first time

Exactly 10 years today we heard the "American Idiot" single for the first time. I remember driving to work that Tuesday morning patiently waiting for the premiere on a local radio [...] Read story

Billie Joe and his Gibson guitars

Gibson has written an article taking a look at the various Gibson guitars used by Billie Joe over the last decade. From his Les Paul Jr. to his most recent collaboration with them, [...] Read story

Static Noise 96: "Green Day is going full EDM" - We talk about Billie Joe collaborating with Avicii

This week we talk about Billie Joe collaborating with Avicii, Heart Like A Hand Grenade, and Mike's tour comments on Instagram. Listen here (42 mins): Visit staticnoise.com [...] Read story

Preview of Avicii's "No Pleasing a Woman" featuring Billie Joe Armstrong

A song claiming to be "No Pleasing a Woman" has been uploaded to the "Team Avicii" SoundCloud channel. "No Pleasing a Woman" is the title of a new Avicii song that features Bill [...] Read story

5SOS talks about Green Day in New York Times interview, mentions them in new song

Members of Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer have talked about how big an influence bands like Green Day are to them. So much so they mention them in a recent song "Long [...] Read story

Featured eBay item: Lookout! vinyl of Green Day's first EP '1,000 Hours'

This week's featured ebay item is a vinyl of 1,000 Hours pressed by Lookout! Records. This is Green Day's first ever EP, released in 1989. It includes the tracks "1,000 Hours", "Dr [...] Read story

"We Want the Airwaves" tells the story of Green Day's hectic 1994 show in Boston

In 2013, a film was released that chronicles the history of the WFNX radio station in Boston. Titled We Want the Airwaves, the film was put together by the radio station and long-t [...] Read story

MTV reviews Billie Joe's involvement with the Replacements

MTV writer Gil Kaufman attended The Replacement's show Sunday night in Kentucky as part of the Forecastle Festival. Billie Joe once again joined the band as a rhythm guitarist and [...] Read story