The Winner of GDA's Pumpkin Carving Contest is...

Over the last week and a bit, we have been asking visitors to put their pumpkin carving skills to the test and submit their best Green Day pumpkins for a chance to win a Revoluti [...] Read story

Vote for Green Day in the EMAs

The European MTV Awards are less than a week away, and we need to get voting for Green Day. The band is nominated in two categories "Best Rock" and "Best Live". Voting is simpl [...] Read story

Oakland Coffee is now available at retailers. Mike Dirnt meets fans to mark the occasion

Late last week it was announced that Mike and Billie Joe's coffee company, Oakland Coffee, was making its way to retailers like Costco and Amazon. Mike was at the Oakland Costco to [...] Read story

Why ‘American Idiot’ is Green Day’s greatest album

In celebration of American Idiot's release 12 years ago we'd like to share this article published on Alt Press. Written by someone who was 11 years old at the time the album was re [...] Read story

October Interview Round-Up: Mike

Mike Dirnt didn't have quite as many interviews and appearances as Billie Joe this month. After all, he didn't have an album and a movie to promote! He still got out and around to [...] Read story

October Interview Round-Up: Billie Joe

The month of October was a press whirlwind for Green Day! The band did interviews galore, both together and separately. We thought we'd post a couple of individual round-ups to kee [...] Read story

Listen to new songs "Devil's Kind" and "Body Bag" from 'Ordinary World'

Billie Joe's new film, "Ordinary World", included some original songs written and performed by Billie Joe. Obviously we got "Ordinary World" on the new album, but take a listen to [...] Read story

Featured eBay Items: Rare set of three trilogy vinyl test pressings

Our featured eBay items today make up a pretty unique set. We've got three auctions to share, one for a vinyl test pressing of each trilogy album! Green Day test pressings pop u [...] Read story

Poll: What's your favorite song on 'Revolution Radio'?

We've got a new, official GDA poll for your voting pleasure! It's that time again. That beautiful, post-digestion period when Green Day fans have come up with their new album favor [...] Read story

Green Day to perform at the 2016 American Music Awards

Green Day has been announced as one of the performers for the upcoming American Music Awards. The show will take place November 20th and air on ABC. We're so pumped to perform a [...] Read story

Green Day to play "Not So Silent Night" festival this December

Green Day has been announced as the headliner on night 2 of Live 105's "Not So Silent Night" festival, taking place December 9 & 10th at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The fo [...] Read story

Watch videos of Green Day's 'Howard Stern Show' mini-concert

A couple weeks ago, Green Day visited Howard Stern at The Howard Stern Show for a long interview and a mini-concert. After the appearance, we shared audio from the band's performan [...] Read story

New 'Revoution Radio' t-shirts added to Green Day's online store

I'm currently working on getting some older stories we meant to post a long time ago. So we're a little late on this, but I figured it's best to post it anyway. Green Day's off [...] Read story

Halloween 2016 Green Day Pumpkin Carving Contest

Thinking about carving out a few pumpkins into Green Day related shapes? Well we’re interested in seeing them. Send us a photo of your best Green Day pumpkin to enter into our [...] Read story

Watch Green Day's first live performance of "Youngblood"

Green Day performed at the KROQ Sound Space earlier this week and this is the first time they performed "Youngblood" live. Check it out below (along with a Q&A with the band) [...] Read story

Chart Recap: "Bang Bang," 'Revolution Radio' partying at the top

Billboard has updated their charts for this past week of radio airplay and music sales. For a seventh week total and a second consecutive, Green Day's "Bang Bang" remains at #1 on [...] Read story