Recent GDA Downtime, Pinhead review

Welcome back everyone. Sorry the downtime, I'm sure it was tramatic for some of you as it was for me. We've been having some problems with our server since late August and we took [...] Read story

Green Day working in Malibu? Current state of punk rock

Our very observant friend on the forum, justcause, found a tiny mention of Green Day in a recent article about the Plain White T's (who released their new album yesterday). The art [...] Read story

GDA Audio Contest - Listen to the finalists

The top 10 finalists in our Audio Contest have been posted up for you guys to listen to and vote on. After listening to all the entries, pick your favorite and vote. Voting ends Se [...] Read story

American Idiot released 4 years ago today

American Idiot was released to the world 4 years ago today. Since then the album has gone on to sell over 15 million copies worldwide and marked a huge turning point in Green Day's [...] Read story

Travis Barker

Former Blink 182 and current +44 drummer, Travis Barker, was in a serious plane crash last night. Our thoughts go out to him and DJ AM, both who survived the crash but remain in cr [...] Read story

No Green Day shows scheduled, Official Store update

There have been some pesky rumors floating around about the band playing some shows, and recently a French newspaper said the band would be returning there next summer. We have con [...] Read story

Last day for the contest

Today is the last day to enter our audio contest. We asked a couple weeks ago for people to record themselves playing any song by The Network or Foxboro Hot Tubs. We've had a good [...] Read story

New Green Day Avatars

We've got the new avatars section up. A few months ago we asked for visitors to send in some designs for Green Day avatars, and we've got up around 40 of them to start off with. Ch [...] Read story

Pinhead on iTunes; Green Day on Kerrang compliation

American Idiot' will be included on Kerrang's The Album '08. The 42 track compilation will be released September 29th, and includes songs from MCR, Nickleback, Weezer, Linkin Park, [...] Read story

Contest Update and Verizon Ad

Just to update you guys, there's a week left to enter our audio contest. Record yourself or your band playing a song by The Network or the Foxboro Hot Tubs and then read the detail [...] Read story

LGBT Artists Who Are About The Music, Not Their Sexuality! put up an entry about the musicians that "don't have to go around proclaiming their sexuality in the hopes of selling a few more records. These artists are about the [...] Read story

Review of Billie Joe Les Paul Jr.

Guitar World put up a video review on YouTube of the Gibson Billie Joe Les Paul Jr. Signature Guitar (always a mouthful). It's been up since February, but I only noticed it a few [...] Read story

GDA Audio Contest, Green Day gets EMA mention

We're starting an audio contest today that will run for the next two weeks. We want to hear you guys record songs by Green Day's side bands, any song of your choice from the Foxbor [...] Read story

Pinhead Gunpowder preview

For those of you that still haven't bought the new Pinhead Gunpowder songs, but would like to hear what the new stuff sounds like, we've created a nearly 3 minute preview of the al [...] Read story

Server downtime

Sorry everyone for the downtime we've had this weekend. Had some unexpected problems with the servers, but thanks to the good people at Ubiquity Hosting, we're back. Updates will b [...] Read story

Download the new Pinhead music

You can now purchase the new Pinhead Gunpowder songs from the MP3 store, click here to purchase.The EP is only $3.95 and comes with a fourth song, which is an alternate [...] Read story