Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a great day and even better evening. Stay safe and enjoy yourselves. [...] Read story

Message from the band about the election

GreenDay.com just posted this message from the band.Hey there everyone, Green Day Here!We would like to encourage everybody to get out and vote! No surprise to everybody out there, [...] Read story

Halloween Contests and Green Day Pumpkins

With Halloween just a few days away, we're having a few contests to get in the mood. Stop by the forum to join in, it's all just for fun.Pumpkin Carving ContestShow us your pumpkin [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt shoes, Tom Delonge talks about the riff with GD

In a YouTube interview with Tom Delonge he mentions that his shoe company, Macbeth, is working with Mike Dirnt to release a pair of shoes designed by him, along with some from ban [...] Read story

"3 New Albums for Green Day"? Um. No.

Some of you have noticed an icon on the top right of the news page on the new GreenDay.com. It's a stack of newspapers with the headline "3 new albums for Green Day". So we started [...] Read story

New official site, Green Day.com gets an update

The official Green Day site, greenday.com has been given an update. The new site is using dark grey/black colors, though our understanding is that this is not correlated with the n [...] Read story

Everyone's talking about Green Day

After almost 3 years of news being so slow, it seems like the spotlight is back on Green Day, at least temporarily. Much to my delight, a lot places have credited GDA with some of [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt has baby son, Brixton. New Album section

Congratulations to Mike Dirnt and Brittney who welcomed their son, Brixton Michael, this last Saturday October 11. This image comes from GreenDay.net. As we mentioned a few days ag [...] Read story

Another Green Day studio video

We have a new video! This one shows Mike playing the bass and a bit of Tre drumming, also a quick bit of Jason Freese. Thanks to Mari and Jake for submitting the video to us as so [...] Read story

New addition to our team, NRDC Photo Contest, Adeline Street

I'm really excited to welcome J'net (janewt from the forums) onto the GDA team. She'll be working with us to keep things around GDA up to date, and her first project is an article [...] Read story

New video of Green Day in studio

Major props to the always awesome netty for finding this video. Short 40 seconds of the band in studio, recorded yesterday. So very excited about this. What do you think? Visit the [...] Read story

Who's producing the new album?

Throughout September we got tips saying that Butch Vig was helping produce Green Day's next album. Vig is the drummer for 'Garbage', but also a well-known producer who worked with [...] Read story

New Album in 2009, sign up on the UK site for updates

Warner Music in the UK is asking for people to sign up here to get updates about Green Day's new album when they become available. They confirm on that page that the new album will [...] Read story

Pansy Division covering Green Day, Warning turns 8

Pansy Division, who toured with Green Day during their first major tour after releasing Dookie, will be covering 'Coming Clean' as a b-side for their upcoming album "Thats So Gay". [...] Read story

Green Day nominated for "Best Act Ever"

Green Day has been nominated for "Best Act Ever" for the MTV EMA's (UK). You can go vote for them now, right here. They're up against Britney Spears, U2, Christina Aguilera, Tokio [...] Read story

Still holding on for possible EMA nomination

Happy October, everyone. Over the past month we had been asking you guys to vote for Green Day as "Best Act Ever" for the MTV EMA's (UK). A couple days ago some of you started noti [...] Read story