Layout Changes.

Hey kiddies, what's new? I changed the top of this page again. I'm never satisfied. heh. Anyway, I'm going to be working on 3 new pages. The Autographs, Concert Reviews, and Co [...] Read story

Layout Changes.

I did some layout changes, as you see. The icons, if you wanna call them that, on the menubar are different, and I put the the main page in a different order. Plus this news page [...] Read story

Just nonsense.

Apparently, radio stations have been sent a list of "lyrically questionable" songs that are being determined for play on the radio. In the list, Green Day's Brain Stew, Bangles' W [...] Read story

Surprise Show, Page updates

As far as I understand from 409 Online, Green Day played a surprise set at the Adeline Records Showcase on 924 Gilman Street on Sunday, 9.16.01. Apparently, they used borrowed ins [...] Read story

Recovering from Tragedy, New Pages, Album cover.

God bless America. That's all I can say about the events that occured on Tuesday. They thought we'd grow weaker, but the United States has only grown stronger. Some of us are an [...] Read story

Tragedy in the United States of America

There will be no updates of this website right now. Today, at about 8:45AM, one of two airplanes flew into the South Building of the World Trade Center in New York City. Minutes [...] Read story

New AOL Icon; New Navigation; New Helper?

Below is another Green Day AOL buddy icon I found at Ballericons. I created a new navigation frame on the side. For example you click on The Band (or Fan or Site) and a little me [...] Read story

Just Stuff.

Yeah know I was gonna do some more updating last night, I really was. I only got the Videos page done. But before I knew it, we were on our way down to the Allentown Fair to see [...] Read story

New AOL Icon.

Well I don't know if this AOL Icon is new to you, but I've never seen a Green Day AIM icon made from the little AOL guys. Well Bad Ass Buddies has finally done it. Don't have AIM [...] Read story

New link.

I'm just letting you know that a new site, The Green Day Fan Directory is up. This page features all links to Green Day webpages made by fans all over the world, and holy shit ther [...] Read story


Green Day recently won Kerrang's Award for Classic Songwriter. All together, they were nominated for 3 awards; Classic Songwriter which they won, Best International Live Act (lost [...] Read story

News, news, news.

Well you probably already heard, but today, Green Day released a live EP...for Japan...dammit. The track list includes Church on Sunday, Castaway, Blood Sex and Booze, King for a [...] Read story

Monkeys Steal my Underwear at Night

Well if you haven't picked up the American Pie 2 soundtrack, I suggest you head over to CDNow and get it. It's fucking great. Well I was flipping through CosmoGirl! while I was b [...] Read story

A fucking ton of shit!

Green Day's awesome June 26 performance at Asbury Park, NJ will air on HBO's Reverb on August 15th. Look for me in the audience. :) That show was fucking awesome! I don't have H [...] Read story