Watch Kevin & Bean's Last Breakfast with Green Day

This somehow got lost in the news post queue, but better late than never. Check out the full show of Kevin & Bean's Last Breakfast with Green Day. The band discusses unreleased [...] Read story

Limited edition Christmas t-shirts available until 3 December

Green Day are selling two new limited edition t-shirts for Christmas. They're available until Tuesday, 3 December in Green Day's official store. Both are $25 and come with the Fath [...] Read story

Watch Green Day perform 'Father of All' and 'Basket Case' at 2019 American Music Awards

Green Day took the stage at the American Music Awards last night (Nov. 24). After an introduction from Billie Eilish, who has made her love for the band very clear, Green Day perfo [...] Read story

Green Day to perform at The Game Awards

Green Day has announced they will perform at The Game Awards this year. According to The Game Awards, the band will also make an announcement during the event. No word on whethe [...] Read story

Green Day to headline Rock for People 2020

Green Day will headline Czechia's Rock For People 2020 festival along with Fall Out Boy and The 1975. Green Day will perform at the festival on June 19. Other acts appearing o [...] Read story

Green Day to perform at the American Music Awards on November 24

Green Day have announced they'll be performing at the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 24. In an Instagram post, the AMAs have described the "special performance" a [...] Read story

Watch a short Green Day interview with LOS40

While Green Day were in Spain for the MTV EMAs, they were interviewed by Spanish radio station LOS40. The interview is short but fun, with the band being shown three famous Spanish [...] Read story

Green Day on Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets

The sixth music edition of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets briefly features Green Day, along with Billie Eilish, Alice Cooper and more. Green Day's "mean tweet" is "why does Tré Cool f [...] Read story

Billie Joe Armstrong launches new online show 'Otis TV'

The Billie Joe puppet returns! The first two episodes of Otis TV were recently posted on The Longshot's Instagram account. The show features the Billie puppet introducing and t [...] Read story

Watch a VHS Billie Joe sent to a fan 23 years ago in response to her fan mail

A fan's husband has shared a VHS Billie Joe sent to her in 1996. Despite hanging up on him twice when he tried to call, she received the tape in response to her persistent fan lett [...] Read story

The Coverups to play with The Interrupters, Dead Mermaids, One Less Zero and Dead Sound on December 6

On December 6, The Coverups will be playing the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, CA. Tré Cool has called it a "family night" - since it will also include Revolution Radio Tour opener The I [...] Read story

Recap: Green Day live at MTV World Stage in Seville, Spain

After the secret Whiskey a Go Go show in Hollywood, the first date of the Father of All… era was expected to be on March 8, 2020, in Singapore. When Green Day were nominated for [...] Read story

Watch Green Day's Raucous 2019 MTV EMAs Performance

It was a big night for Green Day at the 2019 MTV EMAs. Not only did the band win big, they also gave an explosive performance from the MTV World Stage in Seville, Spain. The ban [...] Read story

Watch Green Day play entire 'Dookie' album in Madrid

After dropping some hints about their Madrid performance, Green Day kept their word and performed Dookie in its entiriety. The concert at Madrid, Spain's La Riviera on Wednesday (O [...] Read story

Rolling Stone interview with Billie Joe & Billie Eilish now available

Rolling Stone's interview with the "two Billies" is now available to read on the Rolling Stone website. They discuss music, success, enjoying fame, eyebrows on fleek, that time Bil [...] Read story

Check out audio and photos from Kevin & Bean's Last Breakfast With Green Day

Kevin & Bean's Breakfast With Green Day, which was Bean's last show, aired yesterday on 28 October. The band were interviewed and performed a 7-song set. Here's what they played: [...] Read story