Green Day Bluegrass Volume 2

It looks like this product came out 2 years ago, but somehow we missed it. I was browsing around Spotify last weekend while working on the Top 5 Kick-Ass Green Day Songs article a [...] Read story

Green Day Community member "Raiderr" is selling his extensive Green Day collection

One of our forum members, "Raiderr," is going to be selling his extensive Green Day collection. If you are a collector, this is definitely a post that I would check out. He has [...] Read story

Order GDA's "Six Pack of Apathy" t-shirt now in black/white + men and women's sizes

We now have our six pack of apathy t-shirt available for order again. This time we've made it available in both black and white and in men's and women's sizes. We've decided to go [...] Read story

Diary, Shenanigans

Hey everyone. What a bad day I'm having. Anyway, did everyone catch MTV's Diary last night? They actually showed Tre's son, Frankito! I seriously thought he had 2 daughters. I [...] Read story

The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore is released today

The Adeline Records compilation The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore is officially available in stores and available for online purchase today. In late summer last year, Billie Jo [...] Read story

Check out the new Green Day 2012 Tour section

We have finally redesigned the Green Day Tour section, which you'll now find as a main tab at the top of GDA. The new section includes tour dates announced for 2012 so far, as well [...] Read story

Poll: Besides new music, what aspect of Green Day's upcoming trilogy gets you most excited?

As most of you know, Green Day has announced that they are finishing up work on their upcoming three-album set. ¡Uno! will be released on September 25th of this year, ¡Dos! on N [...] Read story

Top 5 Kick-Ass Green Day Songs

We all have varying tastes in the kind of music we like the most. Luckily, considering you're all here on a Green Day fan site, I can at least assume we all have good taste in some [...] Read story

NME lists "50 Geeky Green Day Facts"

Are you new to the Green Day world? If so this video is perfect for you! has posted a video which lists "50 Geeky Green Day Facts." This is part one in a two part series [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt talks about his renovated 1956 Ford truck with Custom Classic Trucks Magazine

This month Mike Dirnt is featured in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine where he talks about his classic 1956 Ford Panel truck. Mike tells us the story about how he first came across [...] Read story

GDC Seasonal Photography Contest!

Here we go again... So it's the time of year again! The seasons are a-changing and in the Northern Hemisphere everyone is trying to get something of a tan before our elusive summe [...] Read story

Pick up Dookie on green vinyl at and check out this "Dookie era" t-shirt available at Target

As we posted this past Tuesday, Hot Topic has released an exclusive pressing of 1994's Dookie on green colored vinyl. Today they have added the vinyl to their online store. This [...] Read story

Green Day places twice on NME's list "100 Best Songs of the 1990s"

Green Day placed twice on NME's recent list of the best 100 songs of the 1990's. "Good Riddance," which was released as a single from Nimrod in July of 1996, placed 59 on the lis [...] Read story

Green Day included on Spin's list of "20 Essential Songs from the Late Lookout Records"

Green Day placed number 7 on Spin's list of the 20 essential songs from the late Lookout Records with "Dry Ice" which appeared on 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, the band's first [...] Read story

Song of the Week: "21 Guns"

In honour of 21st Century Breakdown's 3rd birthday earlier in the week, this week's Song of the Week is its 16th track and biggest hit 21 Guns, the second single released from the [...] Read story

Hot Topic reissues Dookie on green vinyl - only 1000 available!

We've just received news that Hot Topic is releasing an exclusive pressing of 1994's Dookie on green colored vinyl. Not many other details have been released other than that the p [...] Read story