Green Day playing on MTV Japan VMA's

Here's the video of Green Day playing last night at the MTV Japan VMA's. [...] Read story

Photos from Japan, #1 in Europe, Enema, KROQ

Green posted some photos from Green Day's show in Japan taken by Chris Dugan. Some really great shots, including the one of Tre on the right. Go to this page, scroll down t [...] Read story

Billie on Guitar World cover, Tons of NYC photos

Billie Joe is on the August 2009 cover of Guitar World magazine. The magazine is available for purchase now. We will have scans in the next day or two. The photo was taken by photo [...] Read story

Tre talks to Rolling Stone, Kaiser Chiefs talk Green Day

Tre talked with Rolling Stone magazine about playing SNL, the Bowery and Webster Hall shows in NYC, and about the upcoming tour. News via I was a concertgoer and I [...] Read story

Vitamin String Quartet - American Idiot cover review

The "String Quartet" of American Idiot features renditions of the complete album replacing the sound of full electric guitars and solid drums with the violin, viola, cello and doub [...] Read story

Absolute Interview, Japan, Song Meanings

Absolute Radio did an interview with the band while the band was in the UK, and posted the video of the interview. They ask the band questions submitted by users on our forum, Gree [...] Read story

21 Guns single, Transformers Soundtrack

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend...well us US citizens who celebrate it anyway. As previously reported, 21 Guns was scheduled to be released as a sin [...] Read story

Weekly Recap: May 16 - 24

Here's a recap of the news for the past week:Saturday May 16: Green Day performed "Know Your Enemy" and "21 Guns" on SNL. The videos we originally linked to have been taken offline [...] Read story

CBS Interview, More GMA Pictures

Hey everyone! To everyone who didn't get to catch the CBS interview with Green Day that aired this morning, you can watch it here. Thanks to Jen M. for taking the time to upload [...] Read story

Green Day on CBS Sunday Morning, GMA videos

Green Day will be on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow at 9am EST (times may vary, so check your listings). They will have an "extensive interview" with the band, which was filmed last m [...] Read story

East Jesus Nowhere on David Letterman, 21 Guns

Green Day performed "East Jesus Nowhere" last night on the Late Show with David Letterman. A very awesome performance. mentions that 21 Guns will be the next single [...] Read story

21 Guns, Colbert, GMA posted the artwork to the right yesterday, but didn't say what it was for. We are assuming, since 21 Guns is slated to be the next single, that it is the artwork for [...] Read story

Colbert Tonight, Good Morning tomorrow!

Don't forget to tune into the Colbert Report tonight on Comedy Central at 11:30PM EST. Stephen Colbert will be interviewing Green Day.Tomorrow morning, make sure to wake up nice a [...] Read story

HD videos from SNL, Big Cheese Magazine

GDA visitor Shaun captured and uploaded some really great quality videos from Green Day's performances on Saturday Night Live: - Know Your Enemy - 21 GunsSome songs from Green Day' [...] Read story

21st Century Breakdown Debuts as #1 on Billboard

Green Day took the top spot on Billboard's Top 200, selling more than 215,000 albums in an abbreviated three-day sales week. You can check out that article here at Billboard.Also [...] Read story

More Photos, Recent Articles

Green Day's show last night at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City looked like a blast! Tre even played Blue (Billie's favorite guitar, for all you new fans)! Check out the pict [...] Read story