Surf's Up, Kerrang Poster

Welcome to Paradise is being used in the trailer for the new animated movie 'Surfs Up' coming out June 8th. Click here to watch the trailer.There is a small Green Day poster in th [...] Read story

New NRDC Video, GD Bike Auction

The new Green Day + NRDC video featuring Adrienne has finally been posted. The video includes the 100 photos sent in by fans, and has Adrienne talking about Green Day, why she supp [...] Read story

Spring Break

I've been up at my parents for Spring Break this past week. There will be an update next Monday with everything I've missed thus far. Sorry for the lack of updates, with school and [...] Read story

Small Local Stuff

Green Day + NRDC is putting the final touches on the new video featuring Adrienne and 100 photos of Green Day + NRDC activists. They sent out emails to the folks who got selected, [...] Read story

Green Day to cover Lennon song

Green Day will be recording the John Lennon song "Working Class Hero" (original: lyrics | video) for the upcoming CD 'Instant Karma'. A video for the song is also expected. T [...] Read story

100 Rock Icons, Video Player, Ideas

Billie Joe landed at #3 on this list of the top 100 Rock Icons from Kerrang. The 1st and 2nd places went to Angus Young and Dave Grohl, but Billie beat out Tommy Lee, Sid Vicious, [...] Read story

Band Update coming soon

Sometime this week we'll be getting an update about whats going on with the band. So be sure to check back later this week.Until then, be sure to vote in the poll and the video con [...] Read story

Video Contest, Downloads

The final round in the video contest starts today. The 5 finalists were voted on last week, so be sure to go to the contest page and vote for your favorite of these 5. The winner w [...] Read story

Lullabies?, MTV Australia, Article

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of updates. School's been kicking my ass the past few weeks, but I'm back to do some work here. So, I changed a few things around, and put up a n [...] Read story

"Saints" awarded for graphics

The visual artists who worked on "The Saints Are Coming" were given the award for 'outstanding visual effects in a music video' on Feb. 11th by the Visual Effects Society . These g [...] Read story

Green Day in Simpsons movie?

In this new preview for the upcoming Simpsons movie (coming out in July), there's a really short scene with a band sinking on a ship. The band happens to look a whole lot like Gree [...] Read story

Video Contest Voting begins today

Voting has begun for the video contest. To makes things easier for you guys, there will be 5 different voting groups (with 20 videos in each group) that will be given two days to b [...] Read story

Happy Birthday Billie Joe, Adeline

Happy 35th birthday to Billie Joe Armstrong- Billie Joe PhotosThe Adeline Army street team is having a huge giveaway contest for it's members. They are giving away quite a bit of G [...] Read story

Rolling Stone, Contest Videos

There's a small review for the re-release of 1039/Smooth and Kerplunk in the newest Rolling Stone magazine.All videos for the contest have been posted. Voting will start next week. [...] Read story

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! [...] Read story

Guitar, University of California Band

We've reached our goal to buy the Music Rising guitar. Thanks to everyone who donated, we were able to reach the goal in one day!Now, time for more kick ass videos on YouTube. The [...] Read story