Article about Adrienne, The Pedestrian reviewed in RS

Diablo Magazine's May 2008 issue has a nice article about Adrienne Armstrong's eco-friendly store, Atomic Garden, with interview quotes and photos of Adrienne and her partner, Jami [...] Read story

New Pictures from the golf tournment with Tre & Mike

We finally got some photos in from the MuST celebrity golf tournament, hosted by Tre Cool. Proceeds from the event went to benfit Music in Schools Today, music programs in the Oakl [...] Read story

Foxboro Hot Tubs Songs

We know that a lot of you have posted comments expressing your frustration that the new song, Broadway, is no longer up on the Foxboro Hot Tubs' MySpace page, and neither are sever [...] Read story

New song from Foxboro Hot Tubs, "Broadway"

The Foxboro Hot Tubs have posted up a new song on their MySpace. The new song is called "Broadway", and obviously it kicks ass. I'm really loving the fact that they continue to put [...] Read story

Pedestrian Video, Rolling Stone, Mike Golfing

Video Static posted news that a music video is possibly in the works for the song The Pedestrian by the Foxboro Hot Tubs. The director will be Graydon Sheppard; you can see some of [...] Read story

Warning, Join the GDA team

Here's a great article talking about Warning, and the authors opinions on why it didn't really do as well as previous Green Day albums. I really liked his closing line in the artic [...] Read story

FHT Review, Mike Sighting, New Shirts

Consequence of Sound published a great review of Stop Drop and Roll. Definitely worth a read. Thanks to The Lackey.Stop Drop & Roll is by far and wide a perfect example of a band d [...] Read story

Side B of FHT available for purchase

Great news for all of you who have been trying to get the other 6 songs from the Foxboro Hot Tubs online; the band has made the 6 songs available for purchase online. You can get t [...] Read story

Knit1 Magazine, FHT Release Date

An interview with Adrienne Armstrong was published in the latest issue of Knit.1 magazine. There's a photo of Billie Joe and Adrienne and another one of just Adrienne. Here are the [...] Read story

Green Day finally confirms FHT

In an email to MTV, Green Day has finally confirmed that they are the Foxboro Hot Tubs"We think that the only similarity [between the Hot Tubs and Green Day] is that we are the sam [...] Read story

Foxboro on Rhapsody

For those of you really anxious to hear or purchase the Foxboro songs, Rhapsody does have them up. You have to install a small player from on their site that'll allow you to listen [...] Read story

Few more days for FHT album?

Many of you are probably refreshing Amazon waiting to purchase the album (as i have been since last night) with no luck. According to Amazon's support it could be "2-3 days" before [...] Read story

Two more days for Stop Drop & Roll

Only two more days for the release of Stop Drop & Roll from The Foxboro Hot Tubs on We still haven't confirmed how (or where) the album would be released internationall [...] Read story

Foxboro news from official Green Day list

[...] Read story

No Green Day at Reading, Pinhead News

There were some rumors going around a few months ago that Green Day might be appearing at the Reading/Leeds Festival this year, but it's not true. We got this confirmed from someon [...] Read story

Foxboro download available April 8th! put up previews of the entire 12-song EP for the Foxboro Hot Tubs. It will be available for download from Amazon on April 8th. Less than two weeks! Current price for the [...] Read story